Holistic Approaches
for Enriching Your Life and Work

Dr. Bill Woodson has devoted his career to empowering people to live more fulfilling personal and professional lives. He believes that adopting a Holistic approach that nourishes the entire mindbodyspirit is the key to personal happiness and professional success. His emphasis is on helping people expand mental clarity, improve physical wellbeing and enhance their spiritual awareness to lead more fulfilling lives.

This multi-dimensional approach includes recognizing the importance of expanding awareness, taking care of the total person, and practicing techniques to become more insightful, goal directed, effective, and content. Bill Woodson assists his clients in developing mindsets that allow them to make the necessary changes to cope with the demands of their personal and professional lives. Additionally, he utilizes a regimen of supportive activities to help them cope with the stress that change can bring.


For individuals and couples looking for greater satisfaction and joy in their lives

Executive Coaching & Organizational Consulting

For executives and managers looking to increase their effectiveness and fulfillment

Diversity Workshops

For people interested in discovering ways of living and working in harmony with the
diverse cultures around us