Diversity Workshops

We offer a variety of diversity related dialogues, workshops and programs that can be customized to
fit your needs.

Cross-Cultural & Intra-Cultural Dialogues

cultural dialogues In our current culture, there still exists a perceptible lack of understanding and acceptance of cultural groups different from our own. We seldom have calm, respectful, yet honest discussions about culturally sensitive topics with those whom we perceive as “others”. As a result, stereotypes and biases persist along racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious, and citizenship lines. This can change, however, if we engage in cross-cultural and intra-cultural conversations with a willingness to share openly and a desire to learn.

Success requires that participants maintain positive mindsets, that they be open both to learning and to sharing, to being curious as well as forthcoming, and to being authentic without being defensive or condescending. There must be an honest desire to find common ground and to acknowledge our shared humanity. Most of all there has to be a commitment to do what it takes to be in the forefront of the change needed to resolve some of the most pernicious problems facing the planet at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Dialogues will cover five areas:

  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age/Generation
  • Class

In addition to obtaining information from each other that can lead to the shattering of stereotypes, the groups will examine the role that forgiveness and compassion can play in lessening the divide. We will also examine the grip that fear and denial have on us when it comes to issues of diversity and how we can loosen that grip. Perhaps most daunting of all, we will explore such profound spiritual questions as the efficacy of the oneness of all beings.

“Bill is willing to break out of community norms and will take the risk of standing up in his own community, advocating for an issue that is not popular within the community.”

Tom Finn, Colleague

Organizations of all types, corporate, non-profit, fraternal, community, etc. are the logical and appropriate vehicles for sponsoring these dialogues, because they have so much to gain. In the micro-sense, these conversations will help make the organization function more smoothly. In the macro-sense, they are instrumental in facilitating the positive evolution of the greater community and society.

The dialogues will be organized and facilitated by Bill Woodson and co-facilitated by a diverse team of professionals reflective of the cultures highlighted in the dialogues.

“Take Back Your Life” Workshop

Take Back Your Life Workshop

Who or what’s running the show you call your life? Who’s in charge? Is it you? Is it your job; the economy; debt; fear, anxiety, or worry? Are you running hard and fast, wondering where you’re going and if you’ll ever get there … wherever there is? Do you feel out of control? No longer in control? The need to take control?

Are you like so many people today? If so, you’re feeling dissatisfied with your life in some way and asking yourself:

  • What should I be doing with my life? How can I best contribute? I want to be a success, yet I never seem to be able to make happen what I want.
  • What are my real talents and potential? How do I know what’s true for me? What’s right for me?
  • I’m afraid to take the risks, so how can I develop the confidence to act on my dreams? How do I encourage myself to make bold moves and what happens if I fail?

We know how you can become more – more satisfied, confident, successful, at ease with yourself and with others …more influential, prosperous, and joyful. We know how to help you transform your life – to take it back!

Program Benefits

Participants will learn to:

  • Discover yourself - Clarify your personal and professional desires, goals, and direction.
  • Dare to change - Delve into what hinders your growth.
  • Dump your baggage - Clear out impediments to your success.
  • Design your future - Build momentum and support for bold moves.

Learning Methodologies

Large and small group work • Meditation • Journaling • Self-assessment tools • Bodywork • Dream work • Use of music and movement • Imaging/Visioning • Art

Participation in this highly engaging experience will provide valuable insight into where you’ve been and a priceless vision of where you’re going.

“Merging Cultures” Workshop

Merging Cultures Workshop

Experiential Modules For Increased Diversity Awareness

This program is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of the personal and organizational dynamics activated when two or more organizational cultures merge as well as when members of one cultural group join an intact system with a different culture. The program consists of the following two modules:

Module #1: Dominance and Diversity
This module focuses on the role of dominance in diversity issues.

Module #2: Cultures and Diversity
This module focuses on the role our various cultural identities play in affecting diversity issues.

“As an Internal Organization Development Consultant I have brought the Merging Cultures Workshop into two different organizations. Each deployment of the workshop was for different reasons and both times the workshop helped my participants bring to light dynamics that are important for organizational health and often difficult to bring into awareness. Bill Woodson rings a gentle and persistent style that well supported the group in expressing insights and moving them to business place application. In addition to this, it is a fun and highly
interactive learning.

Michael Rynex
Director, Talent and Organizational Development, Cytec Industries

Program Benefits

Participants will accomplished the following:

  • Recognize the culture of the dominant group. (Generally one does not see one’s own culture.
    It is “the water in which we swim”. It is simply the way things are. It is not recognized as an option among many options).
  • Clarify what the experiences of “Others” are as they enter the dominant culture
  • Clarify the mutually destructive scenarios – for individuals and systems – that develop when dominance is neither understood nor dealt with, and explore more creative and constructive alternatives.
  • Deepen their understanding of the various cultural backgrounds people bring to the organization
  • Identify the “hot buttons” that trigger misunderstanding and conflict across cultural lines
  • Have an opportunity to practice listening to differences rather than being triggered by them

Learning Methodologies

Experiential activities • Debriefing of these experiences • Conceptual frameworks for understanding the issues raised • Application activities

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss bringing any of these workshops to your organization, please contact Bill by phone at 212-222-3777 or by email at billwoodson@wbwoodson.com.