Executive & Management Coaching

executive management coaching In these challenging economic times with massive changes occurring almost daily, In order to be a successful executive you must demonstrate clear vision and strong leadership ability. You must chart a course that will lead to the success of the business and inspire employees to provide the highest quality of service and/or products especially during these trying times. Successful managers must have the ability to skillfully supervise a high-performance workforce and inspire outstanding morale while modeling effective ways of handling the stress that arises when faced with the challenges of change.

Bill Woodson works successfully with executives and managers who are committed to improving their leadership and management skills. He does this by assisting them establish measurable goals for the coaching process; benefit from feedback solicited from senior staff, peers, and direct reports; obtain greater insight into their personality dynamics through the use of well-researched and standardized inventories, and develop a toolkit of technique; and mindsets that will help them successfully deal with challenging problem areas. In addition, systematic monitoring of progress is an essential component of the process.

Engage Bill’s services if you are an executive or a manager, or if you supervise an executive or manager who would benefit from:

  • Enhanced Leadership Capability
  • Improved People Management Skills
  • Heightened Cultural Competence
  • Exceptional Communication, Listening, and Feedback Skills
  • A Healthier Work/Life Balance
“Bill's wisdom and impartial viewpoint helped me to figure out the best way to provide each staff member with what he or she needed to be productive. Having Bill as a sounding board enabled me to develop the confidence I needed to be successful. I heartily recommend
Bill Woodson as a coach.”

Middle Manager International
Pharmaceutical Company

Bill’s approach allows business leaders to cultivate skills that will take their organizations to the next level. He has worked with a wide range of executives and managers of top financial and pharmaceutical companies to enhance their management and leadership skills. On one end of the spectrum have been first-time managers making the transition from individual contributor to supervisor or manager. On the other end, have been senior executives challenged with the task of changing their mindset from that of a manager or independent contributor to that of an executive and leader.

“Coaching proved to be an excellent way for me to become more self-aware when dealing with stressful situations on the job. It has also helped me to become more aware of my staff, colleagues, and clients. Getting to this point through coaching has helped me become more effective as a manager so that I am able to manage to my strengths and build more productive relationships.”

Middle Manager
Global Financial Institution

Holistic Approach to Coaching

Bill’s holistic approach helps you reduce stress so that you can make necessary changes while managing the process in a healthy, constructive way. The approach includes simple stress reduction techniques introduced in the coaching sessions as well as “support work” that Bill recommends you engage in between sessions. This combination addresses the collective needs of the mind, body and spirit.

“Coaching has provided me with a safe forum to discuss experiences, impressions, frustrations and wishes, leading me to develop clear goals and objectives. Dr. Woodson has helped me learn new ways of defining and thinking about leadership.”

Senior Vice
President Global Financial Institution

Organizational Consulting

Organizational ConsultingBill Woodson offers three types of consulting services to businesses
and other organizations:

  • Meeting Design & Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation

In all three types, Bill brings his unique holistic approach to his designs. The sessions include not only large and small discussion groups but also other activities such as visioning, movement and relaxation exercises. This combination addresses the collective needs of the mind, body and spirit.

meeting design and facilitation


His services may be required when teams, departments or divisions need outside assistance in order to conduct difficult meetings. This occurs when:

  • Extensive time is needed to collect information prior to the meeting in order to ensure that the group examines and discusses all of the relevant issues
  • The subject matter is such that it is essential that an external, impartial facilitator conduct the meeting

Success Usually Requires Following A Four-Step Process:

  • Pre-Meeting Data Collection and Analysis: Participants are surveyed to obtain their opinions and feelings about the issues to be discussed
  • Meeting Design, Including Relevant Training Aids: Experiential activities are designed, an agenda is developed, and attractive audiovisual aids are prepared to enable participants to have meaningful, honest, and productive discussions
  • Meeting Facilitation: Guidelines are established for effective group interaction and the process is monitored to ensure that constructive discussions lead to decisions reflective of group consensus
  • Documentation of Meeting Results and Actions Taken: Following the meeting, a written report is produced that highlights the salient issues discussed and the decisions reached

team building


In order for an organization to reach a high level of performance, its members must learn to work effectively together as a team. From time to time, team-building sessions need to be designed in order to guarantee that all team members have a clear understanding of their current individual roles, the overall goals of the team, and the processes the team must follow to ensure that the goals are reached. Bill designs and conducts such periodic team-building sessions that promote higher productivity, greater effectiveness, along with enhanced cooperation and trust among team members.

“I left the workshop with an increased knowledge of my contribution to the situation that I wanted to change. The experience has remained a critical incident that encourages me to address patterns that don’t work for me… Ruthless compassion is how I would frame it.”

Male participant, Team-building workshop

conflict resolution and mediaton


Conflict between team members with different perspectives is an inevitable part of organizational life. While it can be a healthy step on the path to problem solving and creative resolution, prolonged conflict can have a particularly negative effect on those involved, as well as on the larger organization. When this occurs, Bill skillfully guides individuals through a process of conflict resolution or mediation.

“Bill has the ability to facilitate hard conversations. He doesn’t flinch. He stays present and holds the individual in the work. He has a gift for being firm and loving.”

Anne Litwin, Ph.D., Colleague

If you would like to make an appointment with Bill to discuss engaging him for Executive Coaching or Organizational Consulting please contact him by phone at 212-222-3777 or by email at billwoodson@wbwoodson.com