Holistic Psychotherapy – For Individuals & Couples

Holistic Psychotherapy Holistic Psychotherapy recognizes that in order to make meaningful mental health changes, it is essential to simultaneously focus on the mindbodyspirit. This is true because, as human beings, it is the interplay of the mind, the body and the spirit that determines our ability to effectively cope with the life conditions we face. Holistic Psychotherapy is designed to help people free themselves from the emotional pain, mental suffering, and systemic dissatisfaction that life brings to each of us with great regularity.

Holistic Psychotherapy does not assume mental illness. Instead, it is based on the recognition that stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction are inherent components of the human condition – and that tools are available to manage and minimize the mental and emotional suffering associated with life’s challenges. Since this approach emphasizes the benefits and importance of increasing one’s mindfulness, it can also appropriately be referred to as Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy.

With its emphasis not only on lessening emotional suffering but also on ensuring that the entire mindbodyspirit is functioning at its optimal level, this form of psychotherapy is particularly beneficial for individuals who wish to be more satisfied with their life, their relationships, and their work. It is equally helpful for couples that are ready to work harmoniously to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling life together, or who have embraced the need for an amicable and peaceful separation.

“The sessions with Dr. Woodson have helped a great deal. They’ve given me perspective and helped me get in touch with feelings I would not have been able to previously confront. I’ve gained the ability to stop and ask myself ‘Where is that emotion coming from?’ and ‘Is it rational?’”

Thirty-something male
Operations Specialist, Financial Institution

Generosity, Compassion and Understanding are the cornerstones of Dr. Woodson’s approach. It is:

Holistic Psychotherapy
  • Holistic
    Assisting each person to achieve greater mental clarity, increased physical wellbeing, and enhanced spiritual awareness
  • Experiential
    Encouraging clients to commit to mindbodyspirit activities outside of the therapy sessions that support and reinforce the work done in the sessions
  • Integrative
    Supporting the integration of discoveries acquired in therapy sessions with techniques practiced between sessions to bring about healthy lifestyle changes and promotes
  • Mindfulness
    Which increases our capacity to live in the moment, not in the past or in the future

Holistic PsychotherapyThe process helps individuals and couples:

  • understand the true source of their individual and shared dissatisfaction, emotional pain and stress;
  • eliminate mindsets and reactions that exacerbate emotional pain and dissatisfaction
  • increase current activities that ease suffering and enhance wellbeing
  • adopt new mindsets and response patterns that lessen stress and increase joy

This process, accomplished through the combination of private therapy sessions and independent support work outside of the sessions, provides the foundation for profound and lasting results.

“It’s been great to have a safe haven to feel vulnerable, and to be honest about my feelings. Just talking about my insecurities or my challenges alone has helped. I have gained more power in the past two years as a result of working with Dr. Woodson.”

Thirty-something single mother
Executive Producer, TV

Holistic PsychotherapyIf you are looking for assistance, please honestly answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Do you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed on a regular basis, or just generally dissatisfied with your life?
  • Are you weighed down by excessive worry, irritability, guilt, or feelings of worthlessness?
  • Are you plagued with Identity Issues such as sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, or citizenship?
  • Are you coping with a life-threatening health crisis?
  • Are you having trouble eliminating dysfunctional behavior or making needed lifestyle, relationship, or career changes?
  • Are you attempting to improve or peacefully dissolve a romantic or marital relationship, a civil union, a family alliance, or a professional relationship?

If you are an INDIVIDUAL Who Answered A Strong “Yes”

To Any Of The Questions AND:

  • you are willing to change negative thought patterns and actions, and
  • you will commit to continuously doing the recommended mindbodyspirit “support work”,

…then Holistic Psychotherapy IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

"Since attending couple’s therapy with Dr. Woodson I have experienced both personal and relationship triumphs beyond what I had hoped to gain. Through therapy, John and I were able to talk openly about our feelings without judgment and blame. Now we both know it is more important to have compassion for the person you say you love than to be right. We couldn’t have made it to this place without the guidance of Dr. Woodson."

Thirty-Something Woman
Preparing for Marriage

Holistic Psychotherapy

If you are part of a COUPLE and Answered A Strong “Yes”

To Any Of The Questions AND both of you desire to:

  • wisely prepare for a long-term commitment,
  • salvage your troubled relationship, or
  • amicably dissolve a broken relationship

…And both of you are:

  • open to the possibility of making changes in order to make the relationship work, or to take steps towards an amicable dissolution, and
  • willing to commit to doing the mindbodyspirit “support work”

…Then Holistic Psychotherapy CAN DEFINITELY BENEFIT YOU!

Free Introductory Consultation

Recognizing that the task of selecting a professional who is right for you is extremely challenging, Dr. Woodson offers the option of a free half-hour consultation using Skype. The consultation is intended to provide you with the opportunity to share your reasons for seeking assistance and for him to describe, in more detail, his approach. If after that session, all parties sense there is a good fit, you will schedule your initial session.

Holistic Psychotherapy

Health Insurance

At present, Dr. Woodson is not in the network of any insurance company. If, however, you would like to have your insurance company pay for all or a portion of the fee:

  • Contact your carrier to determine what provisions the company makes for you to see a licensed psychologist who is not in its network.
  • If the conditions are agreeable to you, Dr. Woodson will provide you with invoices containing the information you will need to send to your carrier in order for the company to reimburse you.
  • At the end of each session you will pay Dr. Woodson’s fee and subsequently send his invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement. (Be aware that since insurance companies usually do not pay the entire fee, you will need to absorb the difference.)

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Woodson for individual or couple’s holistic psychotherapy, please contact him by phone at 212-222-3777 or by email at billwoodson@wbwoodson.com.